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Our Values

Pride is the foundation of everything we do. In pursuit of our vision, we have built our network of companies around the following core values:

Event Production and Design Studios was created in response to the overwhelming demand from both our Corporate and Social Clients who, after years of relying on DESTINATION RESOURCES for transportation, entertainment, décor and leisure activities, started requesting other services such as event management and venue and site selection.

Established as a premier floral shop, PINK TANGERINE was the first to join the Event Production and Design Studio network 10 years ago. With their growth in the wedding business and by popular demand, they expanded their product line and services to include elegant favors, gifts, stationery and custom invitations. "My sister and I grew up in the Northeast with a very Southern mother- We specialize in etiquette, and understand the importance of graciousness and hospitality. It is all about preparation.", says the Boutique's Special Events Director, Michelle Idzi

As one of the founders of the environmental design and event production firm, Sheryl Ferrie conceived the DESIGN STUDIO out of necessity. "As a creative workshop, we are a venerated resource for both social and corporate clients. We needed to control our brand and found that owning our props, linens and lighting was the best way to ensure a quality product."

CATERING is a lifestyle. Recently, the Studios added a new entertaining division, which plans to partner with in-house teams and preferred chefs to form experiential events.  Over the past five years, we've specialized, in catering events that serve as platforms for communicating a message; the people who come to the event leave with a defined impression of the brand, charity or person. For some clients, we do 8-10 events a year, and we work closely with them on an ongoing basis. We meet regularly to discuss where they are and where they’d like to go. Our entertaining division will push forward to create more of these integrated, collaborative partnerships focusing on lifestyle operations and event services.

In order to maintain the highest standards of service and flexibility in design, we draw solely from our network of event professionals known for their party prowess, extravagant props and impeccable style.

Resources & Businesses

     We place customers first; your best interest is our main concern. We want to earn your trust with actions, not words.
     We proudly commit to establishing a long term relationship with you by delivering quality products and services.
     We pride ourselves in practicing ethical business standards and act responsibly on your behalf.
     Experience is everything! We take pride in working cooperatively and meet challenges by relying on each others talents and strengths.

     We conduct on-going audits of all vendor activity and we only certify companies that adhere to the highest service, quality, and safety standards.

A network of Resources and Businesses dedicated to creating, planning and handling events.

Who We Are

Event Production and Design Studios is a growing community of hospitality & event professionals headquartered in Naples, Florida; but the collaborative nature of our work means we have advisors and contributors nationally, who work with us to shape conference, entertainment and party trends. We take event and meeting style seriously, providing our clients with the information, innovation, and insights they need to host their events with party prowess.

With myriads of options, finding the right vendor can be a difficult and daunting task.  We've been fortunate to observe and work along side hundreds of vendors and Event Design & Production Studios recognizes the best of the best.  Each individual or organization brings to their craft a high degree of expertise, an unsurpassed quality to their work and a true passion for their beliefs. Their professionalism, positive energy and creativity have earned them the reputation as the finest in the industries.




Speaking of names, any celebrity clients we'd care to mention?

It wouldn't be hard for you to snoop around and find out what famous people we've worked with.  We certainly do many high-profile weddings & events—but we would be doing them a disservice if we told you who they were.  That's one of the things people come to us for.  Our work mainly involves exceedingly private clients. “

Favorite Party Tip: Hire someone to help you do the work, as there is nothing worse than trying to enjoy the event while also acting as the coordinator, designer, caterer, and host.  Add your own personal element to the event, but let whomever you've hired to worry about the details.

Favorite Party Tip: There’s not a nicer gesture you can make toward your guest than seating them well.  Perfect placement equals a perfect party.  When planning seating, think about your guests’ personalities, interests, and backgrounds.  Try to combine shy, quiet types with more outgoing guests, particularly ones who have similar interests.  Also, think about the cuisine and relate it to your guests.  Not only does it guarantee that they’ll like the food, it’s also respectful and a huge compliment to them!

Favorite Party Tip: Plan so that guests can enjoy food and beverages without waiting in line.  This means having enough bars, bartenders, well-planned food stations, and service staff.  The best party is the one where every guest gets individualized service.

Favorite Party Tip: Be yourself and let your personality shine through — you'll have the most fun when the party is "so you."

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